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You can find Hotel St. George's Design at Finnish Design Shop's St. George Collection.


Welcome to Hotel St. George

We are a full-service luxury hotel with holistic care for a healthy mind, heart and body. With us #momentsaremore. 

Situated by the beautiful Old Church Park in Helsinki city center, our 148 individually decorated rooms and five suites offer moments of rest and tranquility.


Hotel St. George morning moments over the rooftops of Helsinki

Atelier with balcony

These rooms offer the elegance of standard Atelier rooms alongside breath-taking balcony views of the Old Church Park or Helsinki skyline from the upper floors of Hotel St. George.

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Mindscape of Hotel St. George


Atelier rooms are the pinnacle of international style and elegance. The colour palettes and atmosphere of the Atelier rooms create one of the most mesmerising experiences at St. George. Rooms are located on the Yrjönkatu street side, overlooking the Old Church Park.

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Moments are more

Sky Attic Studio

Sky Attic Studios are the gems of Hotel St. George. Located on the top floor, their windows open to the sky and the Old Church Park, overlooking the rooftops of Helsinki. Sky Attic Studios offer a unique and modern atmosphere. 

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A sense of feeling home together

Companion Twin

Companion Twin rooms are perfect for families and friends who wish to share special moments together. The spacious, yet cozy rooms exemplify the true meaning of “home is where the heart is.”

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A sense of feeling home

Serenity Studio

Light and elegant, Serenity Studios feature sophisticated colour combinations with the perfect balance of art and design.

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For Resting and Re-energizing

Cozy Studio

These private and intimate chambers are perfect for short stays. Soft mint green and pearl grey tones create a calm ambiance, while abstract art energises and balances the building’s classic architecture.  

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Signature suite for the hotel

St George Suite

St. George Suite has been designed for moments to remember. With a stunning balcony overlooking the Old Church Park and its surrounding art galleries, it showcases the building’s breath-taking period architecture at its best. The St. George suite, located on the 3rd floor, is the uncontested crown jewel of the hotel.  

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The jewel of Hotel St. George

Coupole Suite

The Coupole Suite is a spectacular corner suite on the 6th floor of the hotel. Its tower with a cupola represents the emblematic architecture of Hotel St. George, one of architect Onni Tarjanne’s most famous buildings. 

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Celebrate Finland’s Centenary

Finlandia Suite

This fabulous corner suite on the 4th floor has an extensive 50 m² terrace facing the inner courtyard. Perfect for afternoon cocktails and intimate encounters, Finlandia Suite follows the classic suite tradition, in which spacious design lends a sense of harmony and privacy for special moments together. 

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Exclusive privacy

Church Park Suite

Situated in a secluded corner of the hotel’s 1st floor, across from the Old Church Park, the exclusive Church Park Suite offers an atmosphere of privacy and elegance with an international flair.

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Meditative moments

Poetry Suite

At one time, Hotel St. George was the home of the Finnish Literature Society. The Poetry Suite is a tribute to this fascinating history, and a whisper of the house’s history can still be found in the ambiance of the suite. Private and perfect for moments of solitude, the suite’s impressive 20 m² terrace offers an idyllic view over the roofs of Helsinki.

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St. George Journal

Why Helsinki’s at the forefront of an incredible new food revolution

The EU’s northernmost capital is home to a new food philosophy with its roots far to the south. Why did the new Anatolian kitchen movement — dedicated to fusing thousands of locally sourced ingredients — make an entrance here? Let’s meet the man who’s made it happen to find out.

Letting off steam: How to discover the perfect Helsinki sauna for you

There’s no sound more satisfying to a Finn than the sizzle of sauna steam. Yet until you visit Finland, you don’t realise how important sauna is to Finnish life. Check out our quick guide on how to get hot in Helsinki.

Ai WeiWei's art piece in Hotel St. George's entrance

An art gallery in a hotel - Ai Weiwei’s dragon welcomes visitors to Hotel St. George

Enjoy a book, coffee and the smell of fresh bread at St. George bakery

From newspapers to books: Hotel St. George is full of stories

The art museums and galleries of central Helsinki

Our specials

Classic and elegant Finlandia Suite in Hotel St. George

St. George Special

Stay at least two nights and save 20 %

Helsinki is worth spending at least two nights - there are so many things to do and see in the wintertime!

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Beautiful hotel room with a balcony overlooking Helsinki city center

St. George Offer

Stay longer and save 30 %

Helsinki is worth spending longer - there are so many things to do and see in the wintertime! Stay at least four nights and save 30 %. 

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We have designed St. George #withlove experience for you and special persons in your life.

St. George Experience


We have designed St. George #withlove experience for you and special persons in your life.

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The Coupole Suite is a spectacular corner suite in Helsinki's Hotel St. George

St. George Gift Cards


One night weekend accommodation at the room of your choice in Hotel St. George.

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#momentsaremore #stgeorgehelsinki

Friends and cake - some things are just wonderful ❤️ Who would you like to share this ruby chocolate, hazelnut, prosecco & rasperry cake with?
On Valentine’s Day, Finland is the place to be for those who appreciate relationships with friends, as we actually call it ”ystävänpäivä” - Friend’s Day.
PS. This delicious cake is available at @stgeorgebakery this week.
#ystävänpäivä #friendship #valentinesday #stgeorgebakery #momentsaremore #myhelsinki There’s no sound more satisfying to a Finn than the sizzle of sauna steam. Yet until you visit Finland, you don’t realise how important sauna is to Finnish life.
In Helsinki you’ll find a public sauna for every taste. Check out our quick guide on how to get hot in Helsinki in our St. George Journal, link now in the bio.
PS. This gorgeous sauna you will find in our signature suite, St. George Suite.
#sauna #myhelsinki #stgeorgejournal #momentsaremore #finland What exactly is Anatolian cooking and why should food-lovers worldwide get excited about trying it?
Thanks to @gursmehmet, the Finnish-Turkish chef superstar at @andreahelsinki, Helsinki is becoming a home to a new genre of Anatolian cooking.
Read our St. George Journal and find out what Anatolian food is! Link in the bio.
#andreahelsinki #anatolianfood #mehmetgurs #myhelsinki #helsinkirestaurants To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.
- Giorgio Armani -
#momentsaremore #details #designhotels #stgeorgehelsinki Photo: Robbie Lawrence for @design_hotels Sibast No 7 in our Atelier Room is the second chair re-launched by @sibastfurniture. The chair was designed in 1953 by Helge Sibast.
The characteristic press moulded backrest defines the chair and gives a good seating comfort. It makes the design very unique however still with clear relations back to the 1950’s where Helge Sibast challenged the ways of working with wood in his designs.
#stgeorgecollection #designhotel #stgeorgehelsinki #momentsaremore #scandinaviandesign #danishdesign #sibastfurniture #myhelsinki
Photo: Robbie Lawrence for @design_hotels Happy New Year! We look forward to celebrating with you today in our beautiful Wintergarden Restaurant & Bar.
#happynewyear #uusivuosi2019 #myhelsinki #wintergarden #helsinki #momentsaremore #stgeorgehelsinki #scandinaviandesign A public art gallery may not be the norm when it comes to hotels, but we dare to be different. A tremendous white dragon, Tianwu, a sculpture by internationally renowned artist and human rights activist Ai Weiwei (@aiww) is an impressive welcome to the world of Hotel St. George.
Tianwu is a mythical creature from the Chinese children’s tale Shan Hai Jing (’Classic of the Mountains and the Seas’). Created using traditional Chinese kite-making techniques, the sculpture’s dimensions are striking and impressive.
Ai likes to incorporate local craftspeople into his artistic visions. For Tianwu, master kitemaker Wong Yong Xun from the Shangong province transformed silk and bamboo into the awe-inspiring dragon.
”The creature is a technical feat, but at the same time, it represents very simple craftsmanship. Anyone can make a kite”, says Ai.
Read more about Ai WeiWei and Tianwu in St. George Journal:
#momentsaremore #hotelstgeorge #stgeorgejournal #aiweiwei #art #hotelart #tianwu #chineseart #myhelsinki #visitfinland #helsinkihotels Today is the darkest day of the year in Helsinki.💡If you’ve never experienced the winter sky afire with the Northern Lights, you’ll doubtless find it exciting.
However, after a while the lack of light starts to mess with your circadian rhythm. When your body clock gets confused, your mood, alertness and wellbeing are affected too. According to research, 10–30 % of Finns suffer from some of the Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms, including fatigue, craving for sugar, low self-esteem, irritability and social withdrawal.
This huge light wall, Finnish innovation called Big Sky, (together with Linda Ekholm, our Head of Wellbeing 😊) greets visitors as they enter @stgeorgecare spa. Big Sky emulates natural light and promotes a healthy, regular sleep-wake cycle throughout the year.
Read more about Big Sky in our St. George Journal:
#bigsky #myhelsinki #valohaaste #wintersolstice #ligthcognitive #holisticwellbeing #stgeorgecare #momentsaremore #stgeorgejournal #nordicdesign

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