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A sense of feeling home

Serenity Studio

A sense of feeling home

Serenity Studios are exactly that: rooms that put your mind at ease. With light colors inspired by morning and waking up, their ambiance is intimate, light and peaceful. A deep understanding of art and design is evident in the materials, colors and furnishings. Here beauty is harmony.

The digital features of these rooms are functional and play an important role in the ambiance. Modern technology gently greets the guest, offering an opportunity to rest and withdraw from the intense flow of information that surrounds us.

International benchmark: Premium experiences


Atelier with Balcony

Atelier with Balcony

The Atelier rooms, located on the 6th floor of Hotel St. George, invite light from the morning sun and present a restful ambiance.

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Mindscape of Hotel St. George

Atelier rooms are the pinnacle of stylish international elegance. Located in the church wing, the rooms offer a soothing ambiance. 

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Sky Attic Studio

Moments are more

These attic studios on the 7th floor are hidden gems. Their windows afford views of the Nordic sky and rooftops of neighborhood buildings. 

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Companion Twin

A sense of feeling home together

In these rooms, where the ambiance soothes the mind and soul, timeless beauty is created by a delicate dialogue between art and design. 

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Serenity Studio

A sense of feeling home

In these rooms, where the ambiance soothes the mind and soul, timeless beauty is created by a delicate dialogue between art and design. 

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Cozy Studio

For Resting and Re-energizing

Intimate chambers in the inner courtyard of St. George, perfect for resting and re-energizing.

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St George Suite

Signature suite for the hotel

The St. George suite is the hotel’s signature suite. It is the largest and most impressive room in the hotel. 

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Coupole Suite

The jewel of Hotel St. George

Located in the corner of the 6th floor facing the park, the Coupole Suite is the uncontested jewel of Hotel St. George. 

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Finlandia Suite

Celebrate Finland’s Centenary

The Finlandia suite is located on the 4th floor of the eastern wing of Hotel St. George. This impressive corner suite is dedicated to the centenary of Finland’s independence, 2017. 

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Church Park Suite

Exclusive privacy

The 1st-floor Old Church Park Suite is exclusively private. It is in the most protected corner of the building yet offers a view of Church Park and the bustling city activity. 

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Poetry Suite

Meditative moments

The ambiance of the Poetry Suite on the 5th floor is very “central European.” In accordance with its name, it exudes poetic beauty and elegance.

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