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Wellbeing Getaway in Helsinki

At St. George, we give our guests a true taste of what wellbeing means. Our Wellbeing Getaway experience is designed to help guests experience holistic wellbeing and discover a more balanced life.

We believe in the Circle of Better Life, a holistic model developed by Hintsa Performance. According to Hintsa, everyone can be a little better, one day at a time.

Holistic wellbeing is influenced by the choices we make in everyday life.

Rest, good sleep, adequate exercise, healthy nutrition and mental energy are what support us.

Spa treatments, massages and wellbeing consultations

At St. George Care spa and gym, we offer a variety of soothing spa treatments, massages and wellbeing consultations.

Our Wellbeing Getaway includes one or two facials or massages. Please note that our pool and sauna area, gym, and spa treatments are only available for guests over 16 years of age. 

St. George Wellbeing Getaway package includes

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Wi-fi
  • Access to St. George Care spa and gym (K-16)
  • Your choice of one or two treatments or massages per booking:
    • Classic Massage 50 min
    • Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Back Treatment 50 min
    • Copper Illuminating Facial 50 min
    • Aroma Relax Massage 50 min

or contact our sales office:

  • Tel. +358 9 4246 00 10
  • Email


At St. George, we offer more than just spa and fitness treatments –  we offer a way of living that brings mind, body, heart and soul together in harmony and balance.

  • Relax in the sauna and pool area at St. George Care.
  • Need a breath of fresh air? We have bikes, running maps and Nordic walking sticks by Exel available free of charge.
  • Evaluate the quality of your sleep using our Emfit QS sleep monitors and learn how you can improve your rest to wake up more refreshed with a personal SleepLab Consultation.
  • Chat with our nutritional consultant. We can help you discover a way of life that promotes long-term wellbeing through sustainable change.
  • Climb the stairs! Our staircase is so captivating you’ll wish there were more floors to explore
  • Start the day off right with a healthy breakfast. We have freshly baked bread from the St. George Bakery, freshly squeezed juices, homemade yoghurt, and much more.
  • With nearly 400 pieces of art on our walls, you’re sure to feel inspired. Don’t miss Tianwu by the world-famous artist Ai WeiWei.
At Hotel St. George, the guests are greeted by Tianwu, a large sculpture by the Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei.

Book a Wellbeing Getaway in Helsinki

We have designed the St. George Wellbeing Getaway experience for our guests looking for holistic wellbeing and a more balanced life. 

Book a Wellbeing Getaway in Helsinki

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