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Luxurious spa in Helsinki city center

St. George Care -spa &
Playground gym

St. George Care at Hotel St. George gives guests a true taste of what well-being means. We offer much more than just spa and fitness treatments.

We offer an entire way of living and being that brings mind, body, heart and soul together in harmony and balance. 

We tailor-make all our exercises, massages and treatments with care to help our guests live better, whether they need help recovering from the effects of travel or dealing with the Finnish seasons. 

The age limit for St. George Care spa, gym and treatments is 16 years.

St. George Care services

Facial massage at St. George Care Spa


St. George Care treatments are based on the philosophies of two brands, both of which embrace the power of nature: the Hungarian skincare line Omorovicza and Finland’s own fresh skincare pioneer Niki Newd. 

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St. George Care’s massage therapists work with a holistic approach and a true understanding of the complexity of mind and body connection. 

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Care Membership

As a St. George Care member you have a 24/7 access to the Playground gym and  access to the sauna and pool department during opening hours.

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St. George Care offers comprehensive wellbeing experiences. In addition to our treatments and massages, we also offer nutrition and sleep consultation.

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St  George Care Playground Gym in Helsinki

Opening times and contact us

We are open every day of the week. We are located in the heart of Helsinki, on the street level of Hotel St. George. See our opening times and contact details. 

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Luxurious spa in Helsinki city center

Spa & Playground gym

The Hotel St. George is the first in the Nordic region to offer its guests innovative synergy: a full-service luxury hotel with holistic care for a healthy mind, heart and body. The age limit for St. George Care is 16 years.

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Arne Jacobsen paired traditional rattan with modern architecture.

Safe Spa & Spa Etiquette

We recommend reading our safety guidelines and spa etiquette before visiting our spa. Please note that age limit for St. George Care spa and gym is 16 years. 

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St. George Journal

Wellbeing first: St. George and Hintsa Performance are changing the world of hotels

To look after its guests’ wellbeing, Hotel St. George employs the philosophy of Hintsa Performance, which has helped countless executives, employees and sports champions to improve their quality of life. 

A girl sitting in St. George Care Spa reading magazine

The unknown design classic that invites you to relax: Arne Jacobsen's Paris Chair

What is lymphatic therapy and why you should try it

What is lymphatic therapy and why you should try it

Linda Ekholm helps the Hotel St. George guests sleep and recover better by analyzing their sleep at Sleep Lab -sleep consultations.

How a sleep consultation will help you maximise recovery