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We are committed to a more sustainable future

What does responsibility mean to you or the company you work for? For us at Hotel St. George, responsible business means actions in our daily lives for the benefit of the people, the environment and the economy. It lays the foundation for our values and for comprehensive well-being. It is a journey that is never completed, but requires constant development, commitment and action.

Sustainability in our daily actions

1. Reducing the use of plastic

We strive to reduce the use of plastic in all of our hotel operations.

An everyday example: In Finland, tap water is one of the cleanest in the world, and instead of plastic-bottled carbonated water, our hotel rooms have a Soda Stream machine, which allows our guests to easily make their own carbonated water. Our in-room cosmetics are in refillable packaging.

2. Going towards a carbon negative future

We collaborate with Compensate, a nonprofit combating climate change.

An everyday example: The carbon footprint of St. George Care Spa has been calculated on the basis of electricity, water and district heating consumption. In St. George Care, the carbon footprint is overcompensated by multiplying the calculated emissions and paying according to the calculation to Compensate, which directs the payments in full to its carbon sink projects. Read more here.

3. Reducing waste and environmental burden

Small deeds of great significance as a whole.

An everyday example: At St. George Care Spa, we switched from using disposable slippers to using reusable slippers, which last as many as 25 uses instead of one. At St. George Bakery, we reduce food waste, for example with the ResQ app, which allows users to pick up products from the bakery at the end of the day instead of wasting them.

4. We prefer locally produced & organic ingredients

At St. George Bakery we bake our products on the spot.

An everyday example: St. George Bakery primarily aims to use locally produced and organic ingredients. Most of the ingredients are from Finland, such as flour, eggs, apples, honey and cheeses. The organic oat grits of the morning porridge come from Nurmijärvi and the lunch meats on bakery's bread are from Kouvola. Bakery's coffees are roasted in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.


The world's leading eco-label for the tourism industry

Green Key

Hotel St. George got the Green Key certificate in 2018. The Green Key is the world's leading eco-label for the tourism industry and to get it the hotel must meet the required Green Key requirements. These include, for example, planned environmental management in the company, saving water and energy and monitoring consumption, and commitment to responsible business operations. See the Green Key website for more detailed criteria.

St. George Journal

St. George Care takes climate responsibility

St. George Care now looks after the holistic well-being of both its guests and the environment. The newly started collaboration with the Finnish nonprofit Compensate Foundation makes the spa and gym carbon negative. 

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