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Your local livingroom


Wintergarden menu brings you intensive, dimensional tastes. This is a place to stay, relax and spend time with friends, the living room of locals and guests alike.

Opening hours:

  • Mon-Tue 11:00-24:00
  • Wed-Thu 11:00-01:00
  • Fri-Sat 11:00-02:00
  • Sun 15:00-24:00

Exceptional opening hours

  • Wintergarden is closed on Wednesday 20th March from 5 PM till 6:30 PM
  • Wintergarden opens on Monday 25th March at 1 PM

Wintergarden Bowl Menu - everyday from 11 am till 9 pm

Smoked trout with new potatoes, dill cream and whitefish roe  €22  L G

Roasted pumpkin with crushed pecan nuts, rucola and goat cheese  €18  VL G

St. George burger with bacon and cheese, French fries  €23    L

Grilled Västerbotten cheese sandwich with pointed cabbage coleslaw and pickles  €18  L

Alder smoked ham and Västerbotten cheese sandwich with pointed cabbage coleslaw  €18   L

Caesar salad with prawns and broccolini  €19     L

Creamy boletus and parsnip soup with crispy pancetta  €16     G 

Wintergarden Menu - everyday from 8 pm till 1 am

Served with sourdough bread from St. George Bakery

Olives G L VG   €4,50

Parmesan cheese with honey and nuts G L   €6,50

Chicken liver parfait with black currant chutney  G L   €6,50

Beetroot pesto G L VG   €4,50

St. George Journal

Ai WeiWei's art piece in Hotel St. George's entrance

An art gallery in a hotel - Ai Weiwei’s dragon welcomes visitors to Hotel St. George

Environmentally friendly cocktails at Hotel St. George's Wintergarden Bar

Zero waste cocktails at Hotel St. George’s Wintergarden

Wintergarden is the living room of the Hotel St. George, place for the guests and locals to meet.

Pekka Jylhä's "Learning to Fly" spreads its wings in Wintergarden