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Experience the revitalising relaxation and calmness

St. George Care Massages

St. George Care’s massage therapists work with a holistic approach and a true understanding of the complexity of mind and body connection. We tailor our massages to respond to your appropriate specific needs, taking into consideration your unique personality. After the massage treatments, you will have a sense of revitalising relaxation and calmness.

Along with the massage, you are welcome to enjoy our stunning sauna and pool department and complimentary refreshments for the body and mind at our Lounge.

Our hostesses assist you gladly with group bookings. Phone +358 9 4246 00 50


The Revival Experience (50 mins) 130€

The St. George Signature massage is created to heal the most affected body areas. The focus is on the upper back, particularly the trapezius muscle which is known as the stress-absorbing muscle, and the delicate neck muscles, face, and scalp. This massage is especially beneficial for you, if your work requires long hours spent sitting or if you wish for relaxation before or after long flights.

Classic Massage (25/50/80 mins) 70€ / 125€ / 165€

The Classic massage is a treatment in which the therapist uses classic massage strokes with gentle or moderate pressure in order to relieve pain, loosen tense areas, promote blood and lymph circulation and stimulate tissue metabolism. The purpose of this massage is to relax, revitalise and improve the overall feeling of well-being. If you require more specific treatment, we advise you to choose either Deep Tissue or Sports Massage.

You can choose either a complete body massage or three different types of segmental massage:

  • Whole body massage (50 mins) – complete body treatment (back, arms and legs.
  • Back massage (25/50 mins) – focuses on upper and lower back discomfort and tension
  • Face massage (25 mins) – in addition to muscle relaxation, it revitalises and tones the skin
  • Foot massage (25/50 mins) – eliminates muscle fatigue, tiredness and heaviness in legs and feet.

Aroma Relax Massage (50/80 mins) 130€ / 175€

This massage is characterised by the gentle but invigorating therapeutic touch. Carefully selected aromatic oils contribute to the overall calming experience, leaving your skin nourished and regenerated. You can choose from our selection of handmade, bio-organic body care oils. If you prefer a light but stimulating therapeutic touch, we recommend Aroma Relax Massage. Please note that Aroma Relax is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Sports Massage (25/50/80 mins) 75€ / 130€ / 175€

The Sports Massage is best suited for individuals actively engaged in sports or recreational activities. This type of massage aims to eliminate post-workout fatigue and muscle soreness by stimulating the tissue metabolism, facilitating lactate removal and improving muscle elasticity. As a result, it can speed up recovery and ultimately increase sports performance.

Deep Tissue Massage (25/50 mins) 70€ / 125€

Because it targets deeper body tissues, the Deep tissue massage has great therapeutic potential. In order to achieve the desired effect the therapist applies relatively high pressure (for some people may cause slight discomfort). The movements are limited to a specific area or muscle group. This massage is well-suited for particularly painful and tense muscles which require deep relaxation.

In-room Massage (60 mins) 180 €

60 min massage in the privacy of your hotel room. Choose from Classic, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy or Sports Massage. The massage will be carried out by a male therapist. Please let us know your room number in Additional Information.

Pregnancy Massage (50/80 min) 125€ / 165€

This massage is tailor-made for pregnant women. You may choose a full body massage or have your therapist concentrate on your special needs. Whether you have swollen, tired feet, aching lower back or tight shoulders and neck, our therapists will use specialized massage techniques to help you feel relaxed and thoroughly pampered.

Lymphatic Therapy (50/80 mins) 130€ / 175€

Lymphatic Therapy is not a traditional massage. Extremely light, rhythmic sequenced stroking stimulates the movement of lymphatic fluid, thereby supporting body cleansing mechanisms. Lymphatic Therapy is an excellent support for general health, and especially effective for reducing pain, fluid retention, chronic inflammation, headaches and treating sports injuries like sprains

Indian Head Massage (50 mins) 130€

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing treatment relieving symptoms of anxiety and stress. The treatment includes deep massage and a variety of pressure points and stretching techniques aiming to reduce muscle stiffness and tension in the neck, shoulder and head area. It relaxes connective tissues, improves circulation and can reduce head ache problems.

TMJ Massage (50 min) 130€

TMJ Massage is a great non-invasive treatment for TMJ disorders like grinding and clenching teeth. It may help release tension and ache in the mouth, neck and head area.