15 June, 2024

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Give a moment to art and design with us. We believe that art and design give us mental energy and improve our wellbeing. #momentsaremore #stgeorgecollection 

Experiencing art befits the new age of luxury

Tianwu in the entrance hall of Hotel St. George remains the world’s only display of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s work in a public space, let alone at a hotel. This exceptional achievement epitomises the way Mirkku Kullberg, the curator of St. George’s art collection, works and operates. “I always come up with ideas that others think are impossible,” she says.

St. George Residency x Photofuss: Dream Laboratory

St. George Bakery
APRIL, 2024

Hotel life through a camera lens

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St. George Design Market

Saturday 14 December, 2019
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Our tips for summery Helsinki

Ravintola Andrea x Omara Portuondo

Saturday 24 August, 2019
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