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20 July, 2019

Letting off steam: How to discover the perfect Helsinki sauna for you

There’s no sound more satisfying to a Finn than the sizzle of sauna steam. Yet until you visit Finland, you don’t realise how important sauna is to Finnish life. Check out our quick guide on how to get hot in Helsinki.

If you go down to the woods today – The 6 best nature destinations around Helsinki

Finland is the most forested country in Europe, meaning that you don’t need to venture far from central Helsinki to go down to the woods. Here are six places within easy reach of the capital where you can experience the Finnish forest at its peaceful best.  

In Pornaistenniemi on the western shore of the bay, you can explore a black alder forest, and duckboards through the reeds take you from Arabia to the idyllic island of Lammassaari.


Mehmet Gürs' Restaurant Andrea serves anatolian flavours in downtown Helsinki

How chef superstar Mehmet Gürs came home to Helsinki

Summer Special: Stay at least two nights, save 25 %

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Exercise smart, not hard

Living in a new Renaissance of Finnish bread culture

Let there be light! How a Nordic innovation banishes Helsinki’s winter darkness

Monocle Shop at Hotel St. George is a Nordic first

Monocle Shop at Hotel St. George is a Nordic first

Environmentally friendly cocktails at Hotel St. George's Wintergarden Bar

Zero waste cocktails at Hotel St. George’s Wintergarden

Helsinki, the city where everything works

Herring, blueberry soup and halva – introducing Restaurant Andrea

Wintergarden is the living room of the Hotel St. George, place for the guests and locals to meet.

Pekka Jylhä's "Learning to Fly" spreads its wings in Wintergarden

Helsingin upea saaristo: Isosaari, Harakka, Kaunissaari, Lammassaari, Liuskasaari, Pihlajasaari, Vartiosaari ja kymmenet muut saaret. Lue vinkkimme!

Art meets nature on Helsinki’s islands

In Restaurant Andrea everything is made for sharing

Don’t touch my plate! Are Finns no good at sharing their food?

Enjoy a book, coffee and the smell of fresh bread at St. George bakery

From newspapers to books: Hotel St. George is full of stories

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As the official sponsor of @helsinkifestival we are happy to announce our limited concert + dinner package:
Tickets for two to Omara Portuondo's Helsinki Festival concert on Saturday 24th of August at 8 p.m. and pre-concert dinner at Restaurant Andrea €150. Link in bio (be quick, just a few left).
Helsinki Festival is the largest arts festival in Finland, organised annually in late summer. The festival’s aim is to make art accessible for all. In 2019, Helsinki Festival is organised on Aug 15th – Sept 1st.
#helsinkifestival #momentsaremore #omaraportuondo #myhelsinki Photo: Johann Sauty Raise your hands if you love Monocle 🙌
The first Monocle Shop in the Nordic countries can be found at Hotel St. George.
What is Monocle? It’s a lifestyle magazine, founded in 2007 by Canadian entrepreneur and Financial Times columnist Tyler Brûlé, which focuses on international phenomena, events, culture, fashion and design. The story of Monocle Shop began in 2008 with a pop-up shop in London. Today there are shops all around the world, from New York to Tokyo, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.
#Monocle #MonocleShop #stgeorgehelsinki #monoclemagazine #monocletravel #myhelsinki Congrats to our chef superstar @gursmehmet whose Restaurant Mikla in Istanbul is the 52nd best restaurant in the world!
Mehmet’s other creation, Restaurant Andrea here in Helsinki, is a fusion, much like the man himself. Did you know that Mehmet was born in Finland to a Turkish father and Swedish-speaking Finnish mother? Read about Mehmet’s fascinating life in our Journal, link in bio.
#Worlds50Best #andreahelsinki #momentsaremore Savour Helsinki’s wonderful sunsets and sunrises in your private balcony in one of our Atelier with Balcony Rooms.
#momentsaremore #myhelsinki #stgeorgehelsinki In every room at St. George you’ll find an F1 Gym Band for strength training and stretches.
These are part of the world-renowned Hintsa method: Biomechanics is about optimising your physical movement and control, improving your performance, reducing injuries and enabling lifelong physical activity.
Watch the video with three easy Gym Band exercises that you can do anywhere – in your hotel room, at home or at the gym. Link in bio.
#momentsaremore #holisticwellbeing #worksmartnothard #hintsaperformance #stgeorgehelsinki Alvar Aalto is the quintessential Finnish architect and designer, and the A805 floor lamp ranks as one of his most important lamp designs.
The olive green lamp at Hotel St. George’s Wintergarden, has been specifically chosen to complement the atmosphere of the space. Read the story behind the lamp in St. George Journal, link in bio.
#alvaraalto #artek #finnishdesign #designhotels #myhelsinki #momentsaremore #stgeorgecollection #finnishdesignshop That’s the thing about time travel, you’re always moving forward, even when you go back. - James A. Oven -
Peruvian Time Machine at Wintergarden Bar: Jammy, Theatrical & Herbal ”No pain, no gain” exercise routines are becoming a thing of the past. Read our personal trainer Marko Dombi's five best tips to better exercise. Link in bio!
1. Keep your exercise short
2. Try High-Intensity Interval Training
3. Let a professional help you
4. Don’t try to change all at once
5. Read Dr. Aki Hintsa's book!
#momentsaremore #holisticwellbeing #stgeorgehelsinki #hintsaperformance