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09 April, 2020

Helsinki’s art year 2020: from Van Gogh to archipelago adventures

The Helsinki area will see a festival of artistic firsts in 2020, from Tacita Dean's first exhibition in the Nordics to the brand new Helsinki Biennial art event.

Four top tips for healthier business trips

Read our top tips for feeling fabulous and shaking off stress while traveling for work!

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Sami Pitkamo Wintergarden Live ystävänpäivä

Valentine's Day Live: Sami Pitkämö

Friday 14 February, 2020

Why Helsinki is superb for sustainable shopping

5 ways to experience a wonderful Helsinki winter

Thrill of the chill: 4 Helsinki ice holes everyone should visit

Niki Newd products are made 100% from natural ingredients with no preservatives

Ultra fresh skin care is nature’s latest luxury

Monocle Shop at Hotel St. George is a Nordic first

Monocle Shop at Hotel St. George is a Nordic first

Environmentally friendly cocktails at Hotel St. George's Wintergarden Bar

Zero waste cocktails at Hotel St. George’s Wintergarden

How Lapponia Jewelry captured the beauty of Nordic nature

Wintergarden is the living room of the Hotel St. George, place for the guests and locals to meet.

Pekka Jylhä's "Learning to Fly" spreads its wings in Wintergarden

Helsingin upea saaristo: Isosaari, Harakka, Kaunissaari, Lammassaari, Liuskasaari, Pihlajasaari, Vartiosaari ja kymmenet muut saaret. Lue vinkkimme!

Art meets nature on Helsinki’s islands

In Restaurant Andrea everything is made for sharing

Don’t touch my plate! Are Finns no good at sharing their food?

Enjoy a book, coffee and the smell of fresh bread at St. George bakery

From newspapers to books: Hotel St. George is full of stories

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Which books are inspiring you at the moment? Share your recommendations in the comments below 📚
Our monthly book clubs continue as Facebook Live events. Look for the event “St. Georgen lukupiiri – huhtikuu 2020” on Facebook and join the discussion. Currently we are reading Näkymättömät naiset by Caroline Criado Perez. You can buy the the monthly book for a special price €20 (€35) with the code STGEORGENLUKUPIIRI at Valid till the end of April.
#stgeorgenlukupiiri #lukupiiri #wernerjarl #momentsaremore #stgeorgehelsinki Tomorrow we’ll be sending out a very special offer to all our subscribers. To subscribe, click the link in bio.
#momentsaremore #stgeorgehelsinki Make someone feel special ❤️ Our gift card shop is always open. We are now offering five of our popular gift cards for a special price. See the link in bio.
#momentsaremore #stgeorgehelsinki Who loves chocolate? Today we are sending a bit of extra love to Chjoko, an artisan chocolate maker in Helsinki. We often treat our guests with Chjoko’s modern chocolates with a Finnish twist.
We recommend starting your Easter egg hunt from @chjoko online store!🥚
#supportyourlocal #chjoko #momentsaremore #stgeorgehelsinki Rise and shine! It’s time to say goodbye to pain and physical restrictions! As a high-performing system, our bodies need maintenance to run smoothly. Optimising your physical movement and control, improves your performance, reduces injuries and enables lifelong physical activity.
We have adopted @hintsaperformance biomechanics training as a part of the hotel stay. In every room you’ll find an resistance band for strength training and stretches.
You can do a short resistance band exercise anywhere, anytime - no need to go to the gym. Small things matter.
#hintsaperformance #momentsaremore #biomechanics #wellbeing #stgeorgehelsinki #hotellife Now that we are closed, we were thinking about showing our friends some extra love. ❤️ Meet Sarianna Niskala, a talented young designer, who makes the world a brighter place with her shiny and brave designs. Sarianna organized the St. George Design Market in December, and she has also designed the window stickers for St. George Bakery.
We love Sarianna – and if you need a helping hand with anything from concepting to illustrations – send a message to @sariannaniskalaofficial. Warning! She will make you smile ☀️
#momentsaremore #supportyourlocal Dear Friends, we have made a tough decision to temporarily close our doors from this Wednesday until further notice. We will be back and can’t wait to see you soon again. Now - let’s stay home and take a good care of each other.
#momentsaremore #seeyousoon If it’s so clear that sleep is crucial, why then do so many of us not prioritise it? The answer is simple: humans just don’t want to go to bed on time. This means most of us will need to actively put effort into ensuring high-quality sleep that boosts our well-being. Happily, you can greatly improve your sleep just by following a few simple steps:
💤 Go offline. Turn off your phone, laptop and other smart devices a couple of hours before bedtime. Blue light over stimulates the brain, making it difficult for the mind to rest.
💤 Cut the caffeine. Avoid caffeinated drinks late in the afternoon. Caffeine has a long half-life, which means it can take all day for your body to eliminate it.
💤 Sleep in a supportive bed. A bed that supports your body and adapts to its shape is hugely beneficial. Each room at Hotel St. George features a luxurious and high-quality DUX bed.
💤 Exercise regularly. When you exercise regularly, eat well and keep to a routine daily schedule, you will fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.
💤 Lighten up. Light therapy emulates natural light and promotes a healthy, regular sleep- wake cycle. Head down to the @stgeorgecare spa for a visit with Big Sky, our innovative light wall.
Sweet dreams! #holisticwellbeing #momentsaremore #stgeorgehelsinki #stgeorgejournal