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#betterstay for #betterlife

Hotel St. George in collaboration with Hintsa Performance

What does the new luxury mean? Security, privacy, well-being, more serene life become values that are sought in the middle of the rush in different ways. What could this mean in the context of the hotel?

With the new luxury and prosperity thinking, we embrace the idea of a balance between true relaxation and rest, serenity and activity. However, this important theme requires special know-how, deeper understanding in order to be genuinely and credibly part of the Hotel St.George concept and to be realized in the hotel's everyday life. 

Hintsa Performance has developed its holistic approach to health and wellbeing for more than 20 years. The method has been tested in some of the most challenging environments of business and sports, ranging from Formula One to Fortune 500. The aim is that everyone can be a little better, one day at a time. This can be achieved by doing small things consistently well. Good sleep, adequate exercise, healthy nutrition and positive mindset help us reach a more balanced life and better tomorrow.

To be well is to be whole.

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