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23 January, 2019

Wellbeing first: St. George and Hintsa Performance are changing the world of hotels

To look after its guests’ wellbeing, Hotel St. George employs the philosophy of Hintsa Performance, which has helped countless executives, employees and sports champions to improve their quality of life. 

The holistic wellbeing model of Hintsa Performance, which is based on extensive research on holistic wellbeing and human high performance. This exciting collaboration is a new and unique concept in the world of hotels.

From self-awareness to wellbeing

The late Aki Hintsa, a doctor specialised in trauma and orthopedic surgery, developed his holistic model of wellbeing in the 1990s. The Hintsa model starts from the Core: inner motivation to achieve sustainable change. 

It aims to inspire everyone to reach their full potential through improved self-awareness, discovering meaning in everyday life, and individually tailored targets.

The Core is surrounded by other aspects of wellbeing: general health, sleep, nutrition, physical activity, biomechanics and mental energy. Greater wellbeing is reached little by little through small, repeated achievements – once these have been accomplished, success follows naturally.

The Hintsa model starts from the Core: inner motivation to achieve sustainable change.

Sports champions trust Hintsa Performance

Hintsa Performance has been tried and tested by several sports champions, Fortune 500 executives and employees. Formula 1 drivers were among Aki Hintsa’s earliest clients, and the philosophy still plays a key role within the F1 industry.

From 1998, Hintsa assisted Finnish Mika Häkkinen in winning the World Drivers Championship twice. Though retired, Häkkinen still follows the philosophy:

It was not just about physical development but mental, too – how to find self-confidence in life

Business and sports have much in common. Both require high energy levels, as well as the ability to focus on the essential and excel.

Formula 1 driver Mika Häkkinen and Aki Hintsa worked together closely for many years

Restful sleep and in-room exercises

Guests’ holistic wellbeing is hugely important at Hotel St. George. The Hintsa philosophy is central to the hotel experience and it can be seen everywhere. As well as tips for maximising wellbeing and performance while traveling, the rooms contain advice for how to survive jet lag. The hotel spa St. George Care even offers personalised sleep consultations, and the contents of the minibar have been reimagined.

— To maintain energy levels, for example, it now includes a healthy snack. Though it’s often necessary to make some compromises while traveling, those shouldn’t include nutrition or sleep, Senior Performance Coach Moriz Wikström says.

It’s also easy to be physically active at Hotel St. George. Each room has a fitness band and instructions for in-room exercises. The Playground gym at St. George Care spa has been designed by Hintsa Performance.

— We built a compact and inviting space, which caters for all fitness levels. To make it easier to relax and recharge one’s batteries, there are no screens or televisions, Wikström says.

Published October 23, 2018. Photos: Hintsa Performance.

Hotel St. George is a full-service luxury hotel with holistic care for a healthy mind, heart and body

Hintsa's philophy, the Circle of Better Life, guides the daily life of St. George. Our purpose is to offer moments of holistic wellbeing to our guests. 

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