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St. George Care offers holistic wellbeing experiences. In addition to our treatments, we present a new way of thinking and living, which aims to achieve balance for the mind, body, heart and soul. This includes nutritional and sleep consultations.

The age limit for St. George Care treatments and consultations is 16 years.

Nutritional Consultation

Our nutritional consultation relies on scientific research and is always tailored according to the needs, preferences and circumstances of each customer. The world of eating and nutrition is riddled with myths and unfounded beliefs. We want to challenge misconceptions and advise our customers based on facts and evidence.

Nevertheless, individual needs and wishes are always at the core of our consultations. Instead of tricks and diets, we want to help our customers to discover a way of life that promotes long-term wellbeing.

Price: 60 min €110

Make a reservation via phone: +358942460050

Sleep Lab – Sleep Consultation

Our hotel guests have the opportunity to track the quality of their sleep and their overnight recovery capacity with an Emfit device. EMFIT QS+ACTIVE™ is the only contactless health monitor on the market, which provides recovery and readiness analysis based on overnight heart rate variability. Heart rate variability has been linked to health and physical fitness.

As our hotel guest you can book a sleep consultation based on your results at St. George Care Spa. Please make your booking at least 24 hours in advance.


  • A personal 30-min sleep consultation at St. George Care spa €110 per person (available Monday through Friday)
  • Sleep Lab results sent via email €35 per person (available every day of the week)

Make a reservation via phone: +358942460050 

St. George Journal

Linda Ekholm helps the Hotel St. George guests sleep and recover better by analyzing their sleep at Sleep Lab -sleep consultations.

How a sleep consultation will help you maximise recovery

Sleep is one of the essential pillars of holistic well-being. In the midst of our busy lives it’s increasingly challenging to get not only enough sleep but also sleep of good enough quality. Sleep Lab – Sleep Consultation at Hotel St. George may be exactly what we need in order to overcome this challenge. 

Wellbeing first: St. George and Hintsa Performance are changing the world of hotels

Sleep tight, feel alright! Why sleeping is the essence of well-being

Sleep tight, feel alright! Why sleeping is the essence of well-being