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St. George & Hintsa Performance

Wellbeing is the core of St. George Care. In addition to spa treatments and massages, St. George Care is holistically connected to the hotel services. For example, guests can use Emfit QS sleep monitors to evaluate their sleep quality with the help of a spa host. Moreover, St. George Care member services include physical activity coaching with our Hintsa Performance coach, nutrition consultancy and more tailored wellbeing services. 

The Hintsa Performance concept is based on a holistic philosophy developed by the doctor and coach Aki Hintsa, whose goal was to reach a more balanced life. According to Hintsa, the aim should be to live a better life with each day. All this can be influenced by making the right choices in everyday life; rest, good sleep, adequate exercise, healthy nutrition and mental energy support people as a whole.

This thinking, combined with Hotel St. George, has become a reality. Life is full of choices and time can be spent in many ways. Perhaps by providing genuine and better choices, we could make your life a bit better?