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St. George Bakery Menu

From breakfast to dinner

St. George Bakery serves food from breakfast to dinner.

If the weather is good, why not enjoy lunch and our relaxed three-course dinner menu on our lovely terrace with a view to the Old Church Park?


All Day Menu 11 AM - 9 PM


Grilled sour dough bread with organic egg, smoked salmon, marinated broccolini, horseradish, and dill mayo.                                                            Served with side salad                                      € 18   L

Grilled sour dough bread with red wine marinated Finnish horse roast, organic egg, pickled cucumber, red onion and remoulade. Served with side salad                                                                   € 18

Toasted Västerbotten cheese sandwich or ham and cheese sandwich with coleslaw and pickles                                          € 16    L 

Salad with grilled chicken, marinated chickpeas, roasted vegetables, lemon vinaigrette and parmesan cheese chips           € 16    L

Salad of the day                                                  € 16

Pasta alla Norma, eggplant, tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes,

basil and goat cheese                                        € 18     LL


Traditional buckwheat blini with rainbow trout roe, sugar salted salmon tartare, smoked perch,

sour cream and red onion                                    € 19   L


Long poached lamb stew with fennel, orange bulgur and homemade yoghurt tahini sauce                                                           € 23

Dish of the day, daily price 

French toast from Boston bun, apple compote and homemade

vanilla ice cream                                                  € 9,50   L

Selection of Finnish cheeses                                  €12

Bread basket with churn butter                               €3

Opening hours & contact details

Mon_Sat 8-21
Sun 9-17

Yrjönkatu 13, 00120 Helsinki
+358 9 4246 0060