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Discover the magic of Finnish forest

Moments with Wild Herbs & Mushrooms

Nature Connections by St. George

For years, Saimi Hoyer's popular mushroom weekends have been highly requested in Helsinki, and last Autumn we launched our own unique mushroom foraging weekends at Hotel St. George.

This autumn, we will delve into the world of both Finnsih wild herbs and wild as part of the Nature Connections by St. George concept, which is built around ways to promote holistic wellbeing and connection with nature.

Saimi Hoyer, a supermodel and media personality who is lovingly spreading the joy of mushrooms, describes the mushroom weekends as unforgettable trips to the forest where everyone learns something; the one who is passionate about foraging mushrooms by day, even by night under a headlamp and knows countless species, and the one who is just at the beginning of their own mushroom journey.

"At the mushroom weekend, no one asks what you do for a living or where your home is. We simply pause for the mushrooms, and that's enough."

A warm welcome to Hotel St. George to experience the magic of the autumn forest together with Saimi, wild herb expert Sami Tallberg and mushroom expert Jarkko Korhonen.

Photo: Elina Simonen

St. George x Saimi Hoyer: Wild Herbs & Mushrooms

Day programme for:

7 September 2024 with Wild Herbs & Mushrooms and 21 September 2024 with Wild Mushrooms

A unique full-day programme into the world of native wild herbs and wild mushrooms in the beautiful natural environment of Helsinki, and Hotel St. George.

The Wild Herbs & Forest Mushrooms programme on 7 September 2024 features Saimi Hoyer and wild herb expert Sami Tallberg, and the Forest Mushrooms programme on 21 September 2024 features Saimi Hoyer and mushroom expert Jarkko Korhonen.

  • At 9 am meeting at Hotel St. George with an opening drink, designed by Bar Manager Tuomas Hämäläinen and served in the hotel's magical Wintergarden
  • At 9.30 am departure to the mushroom forest by private shuttle, hotel provides snacks
  • From 10 am to 1 pm guided walk in the forest with expert
  • At 1.30 pm arrival to hotel and free time with possibility to visit St. George Care sauna and pool area
  • At 3 pm late lunch
  • At 4 pm mushroom identification and discussion with experts. Guidance, advice and insights into the secrets of wild herbs & mushrooms. Assembly of the foraging exhibition at the Wintergarden until 6 pm.
  • At 6 pm long mushroom dinner at St. George Bakery – menu will be published closer to the event

Book the unique experience:

The price of the day programme is 395 €. Price includes the above programme with meals. The wine package for dinner is sold separately. Participation is booked by purchasing a gift card from the link below, kindly note that by purchasing a gift card registration is binding.

If you would like to stay in St. George during the weekend, you can book your stay at a -15% special rate by using the link below. Your stay includes access to the St. George Care sauna and pool area and a delicious buffet breakfast. You can check into your room after the forest tour, giving you time to enjoy yours before the afternoon programme.

Kindly remember to bring your own outdoor clothing, equipment for the forest hike, herb and mushroom picking, swimming costume and a spare change of clothes. Everything else you need will be provided by the hotel for the programme and possible overnight stay.

Connecting with nature, yourself & your community

​Nature Connections by St. George

Introducing "Nature Connections by St. George" – a transformative concept dedicated to fostering holistic wellbeing through immersive experiences in Helsinki's natural beauty. Book a special weekend immersed in Finnish forest and the world of wild herbs & mushrooms – with Saimi Hoyer and experts.