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St. George Bakery
Evenings Menu

Available Mon–Sat from 5 pm to 10 pm at the terrace and café

House bread and churn butter 6 € (LL)

Caesar salad L (incl. anchovy)

Summer salad L,G
Garden greens, summer potatoes, melon,
asparagus and sun dried tomatoes

Small salad 8 €, large salad 14 €

Extra toppings à 4 €

Grilled Halloumi cheese G,

Mozzarella L,G,

Smoked Salmon L,G,

Teriyaki Chicken L, G

Cold smoked Finnish tofu G,L

Bread & burgers served with a salad, fries
or sweet potatoes fries

Bakery Burger 24 € L

Bakery brioche, two beef steaks, smoked cheese,
roasted onion, tomatoes, pickles and BBQ sauce

Croque Monsieur / Madame 21 € L

Cheddar cheese, smoked ham, pickles,
bechamel sauce and Vegan cheddar, pickled onion,
vegan cutlet and vegan cream cheese

Opera Toast 21 € L

Fried egg, onion, ground beef steak and pickles

Berry Picker’s Toast 18€ L

Pea balls, hummus and fennel (vegan)

Mushroom Hunter’s Toast 21€ L

Slow cooked beef, roasted onion and creamy mushroom sauce


Cheese selection, L

French toast, L

Bread pudding, L

Brown butter ice cream with pine seeds, L

See drink & cocktail menu at the St. George Bakery.

Please note that St. George Bakery Evenings does not take table reservations.

In the evenings we only serve Bakery Evenings menu,
the café selection will be available normally during daytime.

Warmest of welcome!

Discover St. George Bakery

St. George Bakery cafe in Helsinki

St. George Bakery

Freshly baked everyday

St. George Bakery is a social hub where locals and hotel guests alike can have a quick breakfast or grab a coffee to go. Freshly baked bread, pastries, salads, fantastic coffee and relaxed lunch moments. Bakery is open every day of the week.

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Rentoa nautiskelua iltaisin

Bakery Evenings

St. George Bakery, loved by the local community and hotel guests, is now also open in the evenings as a bistro. The new concept Bakery Evenings picks up where the day at the café-bakery usually ends, allowing guests and passers-by alike to stop and enjoy the cozy terrace and tranquil interior from Monday to Saturday from 5 to 10 p.m. The Bakery Evenings menu is a collection of light, bakery-inspired dishes, as well as artful cocktails and other refreshing drinks. We warmly welcome you and your friends to experience an evening at our Bakery!

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Wake up - it's breakfast time!

Bakery Breakfast Plate

Enjoy breakfast at St. George Bakery. Our breakfast plate includes vegetables, smoked pork or salmon, cheese, organic egg, freshly baked bread, butter, a mini scone and filter coffee or tee. Available every day for €19.