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Treatments & Massages

St. George Care treatments are based on the philosophies of two brands, both of which embrace the power of nature: the Hungarian skincare line Omorovicza and Finland’s own Lumene. The luxury products of Omorovicza are inspired by the healing effects of hot springs and mineral rich waters, while Lumene products are inspired by Nordic nature, fresh spring water and Arctic light.

The age limit for St. George Care treatments is 16 years.

Lumene for St. George Care

Inspired by Nordic women – Created with Finnish nature – Born of Arctic light The story of Lumene’s Harmonia range goes back to the traditional Finnish wellness rituals. Forests in Finland have been home to traditional healing ingredients for centuries and ingredients such as Nordic Peat, Pure Arctic Spring Water and Chaga Mushroom extract are combined in Harmonia formulas to bring the rebalancing power and the exceptional purity of the Finnish landscape directly to your skin. Harmonia products are up to 99 % natural and are formulated without parabens, formaldehyde donors, mineral oil, sles, pegs and silicone.

Omorovicza for St. George Care

By utilising the healing effects of Hungary’s mineral-rich waters, Omorovicza has developed innovative anti-ageing skincare range, and enlisted the help of a Nobel prize-winning team of scientists to bring to you a new skincare line, Omorovicza. Omorovicza uses high-performance, naturally derived alternatives to commonly used synthetics, all their products are paraben and silicone free, ensuring the Omorovicza experience is one of total luxury and maximum efficacy. Products are fragranced with natural scents crafted in Grasse, the heart of the perfume industry.

Facial Treatments

Lumene for St. George Signature Experience:
Harmonia Ritual –  a journey through Finnish nature (45 min) 75 €

The Harmonia Ritual is a mind and skin balancing sensorial treatment inspired by ancient spa rituals. It is a journey through Finnish nature –  a pristine place where the air and water are at their purest. The treatment is formulated with captivating ingredients sourced in Finland: wild chaga mushrooms grown on Finnish birch trees, peat extract from the last ice age, and purifying fir essential oil. This facial begins with a peat cleanser and a soothing hot cloth wrap followed by a detoxifying peat mask. A facial de-stressing massage and moisturiser application targeting stress pressure points completes this extraordinary experience.


Omorovicza for St. George Care
Deep Cleansing Moor Mud Facial (50/80 mins) 120 € / 155 €

(80-minute facial includes manual extractions)

Mineral-rich Hungarian Moor mud detoxifies and draws out impurities for deep cleansing.  The application of a fragrant Moor mud mask follows a thorough cleansing and exfoliation using the iconic Moor Mud Cleansing Balm, as well as tropical fruit extracts, which treats sensitive skin and reduce pore size. A classic Hungarian facial massage instantly lifts and firms the skin.


Omorovicza for St. George Care
Copper Illuminating Facial (50 min) 120 €   

Designed to brighten and illuminate the complexion, the Copper Illuminating Facial begins with a gentle peel, enriched with copper for an antioxidant-boosting, collagen-stimulating boost. A unique facial massage soothes the senses and accelerates micro-circulation, whilst a rose- and peony-scented mask softly plumps the epidermis to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Omorovicza for St. George Care
Gold Hydralifting Facial (50/80 min) 130 € / 165 €

(50-minute facial includes rose quartz wands facial massage; 80-minute facial includes rose quartz wands facial massage and cooling eye derma globe treatment)

The Gold Hydralifting Facial, a luxurious repairing and hydrating treatment, starts with a double application of  Hungarian Moor mud to cleanse, exfoliate and peel. A rose-scented gold mask then delivers hyaluronic acid in three different forms to plump and nourish the skin, while bio-available gold repairs micro-damage and strengthens the skin. The traditional Hungarian facial massage lifts and firms. A sprinkling of gold shimmer oil adds a subtle sparkle to arms and décolleté.

Omorovicza for St. George Care
Gentleman’s Moor Mud Facial (50 min) 100 €

Regular cleansing and extraction, the basis of good skincare, are what this facial focuses on. A mineral-rich Hungarian Moor mud mask draws out impurities, cleanses deeply and nourishes the skin. A unique Hungarian facial massage soothes the skin whilst stimulating micro-circulation, and a scalp and shoulder massage melts away tension and stress.

Body Treatments

Omorovicza for St. George Care
Mineral Stone Massage (50/80 mins) 130€/155€

The Mineral Stone Massage is tailored to individual needs and concerns, addressing areas of tightness, stress and muscle tension using specifically-blended therapeutic essential oils. The massage may include a combination of Hungarian massage, aromatherapy and stretching techniques along with the use of heated quartz stones. 

Energising / Soothing / Fitness / Immune Booster / Restorative / Detoxifying


Omorovicza for St. George Care
Moor Mud Hungarian Wrap (80 mins) 155€

(Includes 40 mins mineral stone massage)

More than just an ordinary wrap treatment, this body experience begins with a vigorous yet gentle brushing of the body and a detoxifying exfoliation using sea salt, Hungarian Moor mud and capsicum peptide.  A deep cleansing mud mask is lathered onto the body, and once the body is wrapped and while the mud cleanses, the therapist performs a scalp massage to relieve any tension or stress.  A body massage using stones and a rich blend of essential oils adds a soothing finishing touch.


Omorovicza for St. George Care
Golden Exfoliating Body Treatment (50/80 mins) 130€/165€

(60-minute treatment includes a 30-minute mineral stone massage; 90-minute treatment includes a 60-minute Mineral Stone Massage)

This revitalising treatment showcases the proven anti-inflammatory properties of gold, helping to heal everyday micro-damage and rejuvenate the skin. This treatment involves an invigorating exfoliation with a golden sugar scrub and a soothing massage with a fragrant oil enriched with gold particles. Guaranteed to leave the body soothed, hydrated and radiant.

Quick Enhancements and Add-ons

Lumene for St. George Care
Moments inspired by Finnish nature (20 mins) 45€

A shortened version of our signature Harmonia Ritual facial treatment, which takes you on a calming journey through Finnish nature.


Omorovicza for St. George Care
Soothing Eye Massage (15 mins) 45€

In this 15-minute face and eye treatment, diamond peptides and a copper compound lighten and brighten, arnica and vitamin K remove puffiness and dark circles, and a gentle massage using cooling derma globes soothes and relaxes the facial and eye contours for a brighter, more refreshed radiance.


Hand Treatment (30 mins) 65€

This hand treatment includes a micro-exfoliating treatment containing vitamin C and a white pepper extract, known for stimulating micro-circulation and promoting a healthy glow. This special blend eliminates dead skin cells, refines skin texture, and reduces the appearance of sun spots for brighter, healthier looking hands. The hand treatment does not include manicure or polish removal.


Foot Treatment (30 mins) 65€

This relaxing foot treatment includes a golden sugar scrub to eliminate dry skin and a stimulating enzyme mask to smooth and moisturize dehydrated feet. The foot treatment does not include pedicure or polish removal.


St. George Care’s massage therapists work with a holistic approach and a true understanding of the complexity of mind and body connection. We tailor our massages to respond to your appropriate specific needs, taking into consideration your unique personality. After the massage treatments, you will have a sense of revitalising relaxation and calmness.

The Revival Experience (50 mins) 115€

The St. George Signature massage is created to heal the most affected body areas. The focus is on the upper back, particularly the trapezius muscle which is known as the stress-absorbing muscle, and the delicate neck muscles, face, and scalp. This massage is especially beneficial for you, if your work requires long hours spent sitting or if you wish for relaxation before or after long flights.


Classic massage (25/50 mins) 60€/110€

The Classic massage is a treatment in which the therapist uses classic massage strokes with gentle or moderate pressure in order to relieve pain, loosen tense areas, promote blood and lymph circulation and stimulate tissue metabolism. The purpose of this massage is to relax, revitalise and improve the overall feeling of well-being.

You can choose either a complete body massage or three different types of segmental massage: 

  • Whole body massage (50 mins) – complete body treatment (back, arms and legs)
  • Back massage (25 mins) – focuses on upper and lower back discomfort and tension   
  • Face massage (25 mins) – in addition to muscle relaxation, it revitalises and tones the skin
  • Feet massage (25 mins) – eliminates leg muscle fatigue, and tiredness and heaviness in the legs


Aroma Relax Massage (50 mins) 120€

This massage is characterised by the gentle but invigorating therapeutic touch. Carefully selected aromatic oils contribute to the overall calming experience, leaving your skin nourished and regenerated. You can choose from our selection of handmade, bio-organic body care oils. If you prefer a light but stimulating therapeutic touch, we recommend Aroma Relax Massage.


Sports Massage (25/50 mins) 60€/110€

The Sports Massage is best suited for individuals actively engaged in sports or recreational activities. This type of massage aims to eliminate post-workout fatigue and muscle soreness by stimulating the tissue metabolism, facilitating lactate removal and improving muscle elasticity. As a result, it can speed up recovery and ultimately increase sports performance.


Anti-cellulite massage (25 mins) 65€

The Anti-cellulite massage has proven to be most effective when combined with proper physical activity and healthy nutrition. It is a natural, effective and safe treatment option for eliminating excess adipose tissue from the most critical areas of the body. The therapist uses a combination of specific massage strokes with lymphatic drainage techniques, resulting in an increase of local blood flow and lymphatic circulation, elimination of  excess fluids and waste products, oxygenation of the tissues, and ultimately, breakage of cellulite deposits. In order to achieve the full effect, the recommendation is  3 to 5 treatments.


Deep tissue massage (25 mins) 60€

Because it targets deeper body tissues, the Deep tissue massage has great therapeutic potential. In order to achieve the desired effect the therapist applies relatively high pressure (for some people may cause slight discomfort). The movements are limited to a specific area or muscle group. This massage is well-suited for particularly painful and tense muscles which require deep relaxation.

Spa Etiquette & Cancellations

Please arrive at the spa at least 15 minutes before the start of your treatment. Along with the treatment, you are welcome to enjoy our stunning sauna and pool department and complimentary refreshments for the body and mind at our Lounge. The treatments and the spa area are for everyone over the age of 16.

The sauna and pool department is for both women and men, so please dress in appropriate swimwear or a towel. We offer a complimentary towel, bathrobe and slippers for your use during the visit. Bathrobes for hotel guests are available in the hotel room.

When booking your treatment, please let us know about any potential health issues we should take into account.

The age limit for St. George Care spa, gym and treatments is 16 years.


If you can’t make it to the treatment you have booked, please cancel it at least 24 hours before the start of the treatment. Failure to cancel may result in you being charged the full cost of the treatment.