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How Lapponia Jewelry captured the beauty of Nordic nature

World renowned for its bold designs, Lapponia is Finland’s most iconic jewellery brand. For nearly 60 years, the brand has created designs that are raw, distinctive and uniquely Nordic.

Lue artikkeli suomeksi

When Lapponia’s founders, Pekka Anttila and Björn Weckström, first began collaborating in the early 60s, they aimed to elevate the art of jewellery design.

Inspired by the rugged beauty of Nordic nature, Weckström built his design concepts around Finland’s snowy fells and frozen lakes, turning each piece into a magical miniature landscape. These bold pieces were unlike anything seen in Finnish jewellery design before.

Out of this world jewellery

Through his visionary designs, Weckström (pictured below) continued to push the boundaries of traditional jewellery and pioneered new forms of artistic expression, such as the pairing of sterling silver with acrylic resin.

In 1965, Lapponia earned international recognition when the necklace “Flowering Wall” won the Grand Prix at the International Jewelry Contest.

In 1977, Lapponia’s fame skyrocketed. After Princess Leia wore the Planetoid Valleys necklace and Darina’s Bracelet, both from Weckström’s renowned moonwalk-inspired Space Silver collection, in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, the company’s name was on everyone’s lips. These two icons are still part of Lapponia’s collection.

Classics make a comeback

Weckström has designed more than 1,500 pieces of jewellery for Lapponia — and this autumn the jewellery brand is bringing back some iconic favourites. These include the Diamond Well, Diamond Pond and Diamond Twig rings from the Lapland Gold collection.

Inspired by Lapland’s legendary gold nuggets, they dazzle with the soft glow of matte gold and subtle diamonds set in platinum. We will also see the return of Weckström’s Galactic Wind earrings, from the Space Silver collection.

Respect for nature 

Today, Lapponia’s heritage of Nordic inspiration and fine craftsmanship is combined with dedication to sustainability. Lapponia only uses recycled gold and 70% recycled silver, and waste water at the factory in Helsinki is carefully managed to minimise the ecological footprint. For a company with its roots deep in Nordic nature, it’s no wonder that respect for the environment is at the heart of everything Lapponia does. 

Taste of Lapponia at Wintergarden

If you’d like a taste of Lapponia, head to the Wintergarden, where we now have two delicious Lapponia-inspired cocktails on the menu. Go for the gold with our Lapland Gold, which features cloudberry from Lapland, or try the out-of-this-world Space Silver, made with gin and carbon fennel whey juice.

Published 6.11.2019

Exclusive offer to Hotel St. George's Guests

Lapponia Flagship store is within a walking distance from Hotel St. George. As our guest, you get can an exclusive 20% discount from all Lapponia's jewelry (available 15.11.19-31.1.2020). Please ask the reception for the discount code.

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