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14 November, 2018


Libraries and literature are essential to the story of Hotel St. George. The building and the parkside city block used to be the hub for Helsinki’s printing houses. The discussion and dialogue about literature continues still in St. George and here in the Journal. 

From newspapers to books: Hotel St. George is full of stories

Before becoming a hotel, the building of Hotel St. George was home to the Helsinki Finnish Club, a society to to promote Finnish national spirit and culture, and the Finnish Literature Society, which ran the printing press for the first ever Finnish-language newspaper. It’s only natural, then, that the hotel’s Reading Room echoes with the rustle of newspapers and each room is home to a bespoke collection of Finnish literature.

Monocle Shop at Hotel St. George is a Nordic first

Monocle Shop at Hotel St. George is a Nordic first

The Reading Room of St. George Bakery invites visitors and residents to sit down and browse newspapers over a cup of coffee – followed by a visit to the first Monocle Shop in the Nordic countries.

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