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25 September, 2022

Movement Competence for Better Training

Instead of an overwhelming amount of fitness machines, the gym at St. George Care relies on open space, free weights, kettlebells and power racks. The gym concept developed in collaboration with Hintsa Performance encourages customers to try out functional training, which supports everyday well-being.

“At first glance, our gym can be confusing to visitors who are used to traditional hotel gyms,” says Linda Ekholm, Head of Wellbeing at St. George Care. “Some customers say our gym is the best ever, while others wonder where we’ve put all the machines.” 

Called Playground, the gym was indeed inspired by a children’s play park and its climbing frames, says Senior Performance Coach Moriz Wikström from Hintsa Performance. The name also highlights that training should be fun, as we’re more likely to exercise regularly if we enjoy it.

“The Playground gym has been designed for functional training, which counteracts today’s sedentary lifestyle. We often sit all day, so it’s not the best idea to spend the evening in a seated exercise machine, too,” he explains.

A Concept Focused on Everyday Wellbeing

Two ready-made, simple yet effective training programmes help visitors to get started at St. George Care gym. Both emphasise the major muscle groups. 

“The aim of functional training is to master the basic, most essential movement patterns of our everyday lives. These lay the foundations of our muscle strength and stability. That’s why it’s useful, even essential, to perform them as flawlessly as possible before progressing to more challenging movements,” Wikström highlights.

According to Wikström, the overhead press is a great example. If we know how to do it well, we exercise our muscles naturally several times a day, for instance by putting something on a high shelf. Wikström calls this movement competence.

“We often forget how beneficial even less intense exercise is when done right. Research has proven that leading a more active life improves longevity and cardiovascular health, even for those who do no high intensity exercise.* Training is a tonic,” he says.

Rest and Relaxation After Training

After a training session, St. George Care offers visitors a cooling off pool, complementary fruit and nuts, and relaxation in the sauna.

“Many people also come to our gym for peace and privacy. You rarely find those at a hotel gym, though they’re an essential part of holistic well-being,” Linda Ekholm concludes.

Luxurious spa in Helsinki city center

Spa & Playground gym

The Hotel St. George is the first in the Nordic region to offer its guests innovative synergy: a full-service luxury hotel with holistic care for a healthy mind, heart and body. The age limit for St. George Care is 16 years.

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St  George Care Playground Gym in Helsinki

Hotel St. George in collaboration with Hintsa Performance

What does the new luxury mean? Security, privacy, well-being and more serene life become values that are sought in the middle of the rush in different ways. What could this mean in the context of the hotel?

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St. George Getaways

Whether you’re looking to loosen up with a city break or you’re simply here for a stopover, we have the perfect getaway experience for your Helsinki visit.

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