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25 September, 2022

Time for tea! An afternoon tradition with a Nordic twist

Indulging in afternoon tea is a centuries-old method of finding a relaxing moment and spending quality time with friends. Here at Hotel St. George, our expert chefs have added a Nordic twist to the tradition to create a unique and delightful experience. 

Pouring tea into a cup at Hotel St. George Wintergarden

The world loves afternoon tea 

The tradition of afternoon tea began in the 19th century when the British aristocracy fell in love with elegantly cut sandwiches, sweet clotted cream and delicious cups of milky tea.

Two centuries on, this tasty treat has become a hallmark of British culture enjoyed the world over. 

We've drawn inspiration from the grand conservatories of 18th and 20th century Britain to design our Wintergarden, where guests gather to enjoy an afternoon in good company. 

The Russians, for example, have relished afternoon tea as a way of bonding with friends for centuries. Piping hot zavarka (loose leaf tea) is brewed in a small teapot before being poured into large mugs to be served with a spread of crackers, cheese, cookies and candy. 

In Turkey, apricots, almonds, berries and figs are eaten before the main course of savoury cheese and pastry, which is followed by black tea. This antioxidant-rich tea known as cay is served in small tulip-shaped glasses designed to keep the liquid piping hot long enough to be sipped slowly. 

Afternoon Tea at Hotel St. George's Witntergarden
Afternoon Tea at Hotel St. George's Wintergarden

Many cultures associate afternoon tea with sophistication and luxury

When Japan fell in love with British afternoon tea in the 1990s, it became the pastime of fashionable young food enthusiasts.

Still a much-loved experience, Tokyo’s finest restaurants compete to serve guests the prettiest sandwiches and most colourful cakes. A cup of English tea comes as standard, but chefs have added an Asian twist by serving it with traditional Japanese teas.

Afternoon tea served Nordic style

So, what have we added to this glorious tradition?

Well, for our Tea Moments, our expert chefs have combined wholesome Nordic ingredients with British tradition to create a new experience. 

After indulging in a splendid selection of traditional Finnish foods, guests can complement an array of desserts—such as chocolate almond cookies, or sweet marble cake—with their choice of Scandinavian-inspired herbal teas. 

Our afternoon tea  menu reflects the whole St. George seasonal product range.
Our afternoon tea menu reflects the whole St. George seasonal product range.

Our menu changes often and it reflects the whole St. George seasonal product range, which contains quite a few Nordic elements. 

- We also have a skilled and eager bakery and chef team who make everything in-house, says Filip ForsbergHead of Food Experiences at St. George.

The ambiance of our Tea Moments is unforgettable, too. 

There’s no better place to meet up with friends than Wintergarden, with its glass roof, lush design, and cosy seating.

– Wintergarden’s pleasant atmosphere and art makes it a unique place to enjoy the moment. It is more like a living room, so afternoon tea suits it perfectly, says Wintergarden's Restaurant Manager Johanna Sainio.

Share a special moment with an Afternoon Tea gift card

We’re sure you’ll never experience anything quite like this, but don't just take our words for it. Come to Wintergarden and try our afternoon tea for yourself.

 And, if you're looking to share a special moment with your special someone, we welcome you to purchase a Hotel St. George Tea Moments card as a truly memorable gift.

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