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You Are Here is the entertaining, intelligent and riveting lifestyle magazine of the Kämp Collection Hotels chain. The magazine gives you an insight to current events and interesting people and phenomena in Helsinki. You Are Here offers a comprehensive guide to restaurants, bars, art, design and shopping.

Featured articles

Bunny Girl: Minna Parikka in Her Universe

Shoe designer Minna Parikka put bunny ears and a scut on trainers and made half the world go crazy: the Bunny Sneaks! Previously the young Helsinki-based designer had built her own shoe universe.

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Steaming hot sauna architecture

There are as many saunas in Finland as there are private cars: around 3.2 million each. The new Löyly is, however, one of a kind: a public sauna that is easily accessible even to the tourist. 

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Coffee Culture: A Good Roasting

The scent of coffee, scent of good coffee lingers over Helsinki. Micro-roasters roast and fiery baristas brew coffee spreading the gospel in third wave cafés. Dearest caficionado, Helsinki is your place to enjoy some very elegant coffee.

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Promenade: The Finnish Passeggiata

The shoreline leading south from the Helsinki Market Square is filled with cafés offering coffee, beer, champagne or a dog to pet. The views along the shoreline include the sea and archipelago on the one side, verdant parks and the fanciest neighborhoods of the city on the other.

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