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St. George Getaway with Dinner

We love food. And we take it seriously – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Much of St. George’s menu, such as bread, yoghurt and cottage cheese, is made in-house.

We bake a selection of fresh breads in our own bakery and you’ll find the tastiest zero-waste cocktails in town right here in our Wintergarden Bar.

St. George Getaway with Dinner includes a relaxed three-course dinner at St. George Bakery. The following morning, enjoy the sumptuous breakfast, and perhaps spa before your late check-out? 

St. George Getaway with Dinner includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Three-course dinner at St. George Bakery. Read more.
  • Breakfast 
  • Late check-out at 1 PM
  • Access to St. George Care spa and gym (K-16)
  • Wifi

or contact our sales office:

  • Tel. +358 9 4246 00 10
  • Email

Make the most out of your saty

  • We bake our own sourdough bread and a selection of pastries at St. George Bakery every day, even on Sundays. Pick up a freshly baked loaf before heading home.
  • The enchanting Wintergarden is the perfect place to enjoy mouth-watering lunch or dinner bowls and zero-waste cocktails.
  • Our breakfast has been called the best in Helsinki on social media. In all modesty, we have to admit that we love it too. Order an in-room breakfast for a supremely calm and unhurried morning.

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