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Physical Training

Combining dynamic travel life and adequate mount of physical activity is a real work of art. Long flights, uncomfortable sitting positions and stressful meetings often negatively affect our physical condition. For those reasons on behalf of our certified fitness and health professionals, St. George Care offers several effective solutions.


Physical wellbeing consultations

When it comes to physical wellbeing there is several factors besides exercise that are left unnoticed. In the sea of information it is not a coincidence to be left confused about which type, intensity or frequency of physical activity to apply for the optimal benefit. Overly focusing on daily tasks trying to constantly maximize performance leaves many people unaware of their physical condition. Appearance of pain or other related issues is just a byproduct of accumulated physical stress that has been ignored over longer periods. If you wish to improve your performance and quality of life ask for an advice from our professionals. In one hour of consultations we will discuss your work- life conditions, ergonomics as well as other factors that may influence your physical condition. Consultations include demonstration of exercises which you could easily implement in your usual workout routine.

Physical wellbeing coaching 

One hour of personalized individual training with a certified personal trainer. Along with the booking please leave information on your desired training including specific wishes and the desired goals.


Mobility exercises and stretching 

If you have the feeling that the range of motion in any areas of your body is restricted, tight or lacking mobility you may want to consider booking a stretching session. You will be instructed on the correct stretching and mobilization techniques as well as equipped with take-home advice. In order to enhance the effects it is recommended to combine the exercises with the deep tissue massage.